The Artist

John Maclauchlan Milne (1885 – 1957)  – JMM – was in the same places, at the same times, doing the same things, as those who would later be marketed as ‘The Scottish Colourists’

 – namely:

          Samuel J. Peploe,     

          George Leslie Hunter,  

          Francis C.B. Cadell

          John D. Fergusson


Some call JMM ‘The Fifth Scottish Colourist’. He has also been called ‘The Dundee Colourist’ having been a professional artist living and working in Dundee for over 30 years (~1909 to 1940).

However, there are no surviving diaries; very little remaining correspondence, just an extensive legacy of pictures from 1907 to the 1950s.

  – hence the title: –