The Family

I think that I was born inhaling oil paint

– JMM, 1955


Joseph ‘Joe’ Milne (1859 – 1911), JMM’s father, was a professional landscape artist. He exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in Edinburgh from 1877; at the (later Royal) Glasgow Institute (RGI) from 1880; and at the Royal Academy in London from 1887.

Joe lived in London from 1903 to about 1908, before returning to Scotland with his family. Joe and JMM exhibited together in Dundee in November 1909.

William Watt Milne (1865 – 1949), one of JMM’s uncles, was also a professional landscape artist living in Edinburgh; St Monance, Fife; then Cambuskenneth, by Stirling; before leaving Scotland for St Ives, Cambridgeshire in 1914.


W.W.Milne exhibited at the RSA and at the RGI from 1883.